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alexkuhn [FIX] mail: no crash on grouped inbox messages previews
Revision on 5f8d3c6

Before this commit, there was a traceback when you had two needaction
notifications related to the same document.

This is caused by a typo in the commit above: the object `similarItem`
has a property `messageIDs`, but the code wrongly access the property
`messagesIDs` (see the extra "s").

Steps to reproduce:

- Set notification management to 'Handle with Odoo' for Admin
- Demo mention Admin twice on a specific project task
- Admin opens messaging menu

Display error `Cannot read property 'concat' of undefined`

Issue reported on this PR comment: #28462 (review)

Task-ID 1909521

closes #28703
Latest commit 2b245eb Nov 14, 2018


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